Thursday, 28 June 2012

I've been giving Fish for Girls a whirl!

OK, I'm a little rubbish at blogging. I'm really going to try harder this time.
So much always happens at once and because I am very active on my Facebook Page and Twitter I feel like everyone's already seen it.

For this post however I resisted posting anything  until I made a blog!

Due to my love of retro hair styling, as you can imagine I need a lot of product to hold it all in place.
I was fortunate enough to be sent some hairspray and a smoothing cream to try out from an exciting company called Fish Hairdressing co. 

Anything pink automatically gets my vote

 At first I thought it was something brand new but Fish have been going since 1987 and you can buy their products in Boots!

Due to the graphic designer past in me, I am very taken with packaging. Anyone who knows me, knows I simply LOVE pink!

Starting point -My Natural Straight hair

They arrived just in time for a photo shoot I was about to do for Petticoats A Plenty with a wonderful photographer named Emily Cromarty who I have been wanting to work with for quite some time. 
I was in control of my own styling so it was the perfect time to test them out!

Straight freshly washed hair

My hair is naturally polka straight and for the shoot I was having an up do so I didn't worry about setting it first.

Retro inspired up do

I back brushed and tied it into a Bun at the back and what I call my curly quiff at the front. The hair spray was very light and smelled like holidays. I hate the smell of hair spray so this was very refreshing to have a hairspray that didn't have that chemical artificial smell. 

My thoughts were if it's not too great at least I can use it to make my hair smell like coconut.
 Turns out it was quite good. 

I was a little skeptical of the 'Natural Hold' as I usually need 'EXTRA FIRM' to hold my hair in place.
The shoot was also on location and was quite breezy so I was very intrigued as to how it was going to hold up. (No pun intended)

I used the smoothing cream to 'smooth' my fly away hairs on the sides and fringe and had one last blast of the Hair spray before I braved the outdoors!

As you can see on the last picture I have few fly away hairs but I put that down to my freshly washed hair and not topping up with the hairspray in a few hours. 

Overall I am enjoying using the Hairspray and Smoothing cream. They smell great, do their job and they are pink! I will defiantly have these products on my next beauty shopping list.

They are now apart of my everyday styling routine and I used them on the New Miss Fortune clothing photo shoot.

Fixing my hair with Fish Hair Spray at the Miss Fortune Shoot

Please find below the links for Fish Soho :-)

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