Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hootchy Kootchy Roadshow- York

Last Friday I was Performing in York as part of the HOOTCHY KOOTCHY roadshow.
The show was at a venue called the Duchess which I had the pleasure of gracing the stage before.
Performing in the show was myself, Betty D'Light (The boss lady), Cat Aclysmic, Lexi Sexx hosted by the one & only Duke De Milo.
As per usual the road trip in involved a head full of rollers & a head scarf. We have to suffer to have epic hair!

Myself, Betty & Cat looking well cool

Myself & Betty Getting all glammed up backstage

Duke &!

Betty & Chaz's Pup Minskey Catching some Zzzz's
Cat being mysterious !

Minskey trying to plant one on Lexi Sexx

It was a super fun show, onstage and off. I can't wait for the next one. 
Photo: Barry Goodwin

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