Sunday, 18 March 2012

Wood Nymphs & Red Hair

Nothing like a little Sunday shoot to complete your weekend.
This morning I was lending my face to my friend model and Burlesque performer Trixie D Licious's new company  Arachnia by D'Licious which specializes  in  Avante Garde Couture Wig Creations for Art Installations, Performers,Drag Acts, Concept Photo-shoots and Cat walk. 

The shoot was at Trixie's lovely flat which I haven't been too for a long time so it was lovely to see. We seem to only get to see each other when we are working on a shoot or show! ...wait a minute we were working today?!?! <---- See what I mean? 

I had the pleasure being looked after supplied with lots of cups of tea as I was feeling a little poorly but before I arrived I had to have lots of dog cuddles this morning.

Enjoying cuddling Butterz

We were collaborating  with photographer Vix Tuff and Make Up Artist Ashlea Sara Gartland. It feels like it's been years since I worked with Vix so it was lovely to see her and Ashlea is always great to work with.
Fabulous make up artist with good crack too!

Trixie's Louie
Obviously there was going to be a dog present at the shoot! Louie was over seeing the whole event and trying to pinch our cups of tea.
Necklace I got to wear by Owleyes

The creation I was modelling

The wig I was modelling was not..."Shock Horror" Blonde but red. The concept was Wood Nymph complete with Harry the Eagle on top! I'm always excited by a new hair colour in a shoot. I always have the urge to dye my hair another colour but I know I would always try and go back blonde. (I've done it before lol)

Rocking the Yellow Nails again and Katy Perry eyelashes

Trixie Styling me ready for the shoot

Arty Styling shot
It's a WRAP! p.s that wasn't the outfit I wore for the shoot!

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